New Site will be up tonight!

If all goes well the new site should be up by tonight at 2 AM EST. So excited for the launch, still have a little bit of work to do, but the videos are amazing. We are starting out with 6 “premium” videos and having at least 1-2 videos/picture sets a day for the next week while I launch. Keep an eye out we will be posting an early adopter special here shortly! Looking forward to finally getting this going.

Here is a short list:

Dangling wedgie in VERY stretchy panties
self-Orgasm and a wedgie (dildos do a great job at that)
Stripping and a wedgie (my personal favorite)
Tied up, spanking, and wedgie
Wedgied and spanked to orgasm
Plus Macy will make an appearance!

preview 6

Another preview

Another preview for everyone! Just to clarify a few things below is a quick FAQ for you.

What’s changing?
The big thing that is changing is the new site will have a “premium” and “regular” content

What will “premium” include?
Premium will include more content, longer videos, more “adult” themed videos (ahem see below) Generally better stuff

Will the “normal” content change?
No not really, we will still have the same types of videos/pics as always

Why the change?
The site is popular enough where it is getting expensive to run and operate, I am hoping to offset the costs of running this site.

How much will it costs?
Still figuring it out, it will most likely be the same cost as 1-2 videos other sites, but for an entire months subscription to More announcements to come, keep an eye out we will be offering a early adopter special for the first 30 days the site is live.

When is this happening?
No super official date yet, but soon, most likely early next week.

Below is a small snapshot of another video that we made that will be considered “premium” enjoy ;)


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