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Most of us hate laundry day, but here in Cheeky-land, it's the sexiest day of the week. Here, we join a topless (thank God!) Kajira, who is busy folding her panties while she sits on the couch. Her underwear quickly conjures memories of all the awesome wedgies she's received, and pretty soon it's goodbye laundry, hello wedgies! She gives herself some deep Melvins (frontal wedgies) and pulls her thong way up her asscrack, too. Let us know what you think, in the comments!

Thanks to your continued support, we've been able to hire our first intern... well, she's unpaid, and you pretty much know what we've hired her for. In this fun video, Kajira is caught acting like she's working and punished with a chair wedgie. Then, Mr. Cheeky bends her over the desk for a good tug on her pink fullback panties. We like these kinds of surprises! And nobody said our workplace was free of sexual harassment...

She's back! Kajira welcomes us into her apartment as she works on finding the perfect pair of panties for a night out on the town. All the pairs look cute on her - how couldn't they?! - but the perfect pair not only look great, they must give her an awesome wedgie, too. Lots of Melvin/frontal-wedige action here.

Recently you met Katy the wedgie maid, and boy did you all love her! Well she's back, and she's pissed! Six months of being Roxy's wedgie maid, and she's had enough. This video is awesome, and all you ripping wedgie fans will just love how her tight thong snaps under the pressure. Follow that up with an atomic wedgie in some cute pink fullbacks, and well, yeah, we're in heaven.

Selina is taking a nap, when Katy and Roxy sneak up on her and yank her gray-striped panties right over her head! That's right, a surprise atomic wedgie! Selina's beautiful boobs are nearly popping out of her bra while Katy pulls her up off the bed by only her underwear.

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Wedgie Maid Redux - Uniform Discipline
April 29, 2015

If you thought Katy was sexy as our first wedgie maid, you'll go wild for Kajira; here we find her in the kitchen, cleaning up in her cute maid's outfit and forced to give herself a deep wedgie with a thong - both up her ass and frontal. Then Mr. Cheeky forces her to put on a pink pair of fullback panties and then bend over to clean the oven, giving us a great view of Kajira's cute ass. We're in love!

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