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Don't get caught sleeping on the job at A Little Bit Cheeky - or only if you want a deep surprise wedgie! Kierra is found napping in her cute green lacy bra and fullback panties. Mr. Cheeky is not amused and forces her into a back-to-back surprise wedgie session, complete with a jock-lock with her high heels.

Happy Sunday! Our newest model Kierra Wilde is here to make your weekend with a super-cute video featuring her perfect ass and some super-stretchy panties. From granny panties to thongs to an unprompted over-the-shoulder move, this video has a little of everything.

Beautiful Kierra Wilde is back in this smoking-hot photo set, where we get a great view of her perfect tits and ass. She self-wedgies with a pair of black polka-dot thong panties and hooks her high heels into her panties for a nice tight fit. We can't get enough of her!

Our new favorite wedgie girl, Kierra, stars in her first wedgie video. While Kierra has done some mainstream porn, she's totally new to the idea of wedgies and we're thrilled to indoctrinate her! Her perfect ass is on full display in this video as we give her frontal, traditional and bra-connection wedgies. Let us know what you think of our newest young wedgie girl!

Meet our newest cheeky wedgie girl, Kierra Wilde! We're super excited to share her with you. Kierra's a fair-skinned beauty who took to wedgies so quickly, we'd swear she'd done this before! But as you'll see in her upcoming intro video, she's a wedgie virgin (but not for long!)

In this hot photo set, Kierra does a sexy tease and strip, hiking her leopard-print panties tight up her ass. Plus she gives us a nice, deep frontal wedgie that leaves little to the imagination! Welcome, Kierra. We've in love!

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