10 thoughts on “Large Panty Pictures and Wedgies”

  1. nice set! i agree with you. big panties are the best. there’s so much panty to grab and yank. there’s enough actually that you and your husband can grab at the same to make a super wedgie

  2. You are simply stunning! I just discovered you tonight, but I already love the work that you do, the videos and pictures both. I’ll definitely be coming back regularly!

    I had a suggestion, or a query, or just something I was curious about that I figured I might bring up. Have you ever considered finding another woman interested in wedgies and having a wedgie war, perhaps with several different styles of panties and wedgies? I think that would be something really spectacular!

      1. And I think we would all love to see it! :D A video of that would make my entire year.

        I guess finding an interested party would be a challenge. Hopefully, though, as you gain fans, maybe she will come to you!

          1. Alternatively, you could try posting on a wedgie forum and seeing if there are any interested women in your area. :)

            Here’s hoping you can find someone! But I am looking forward to your content regardless!

          2. Hmm, those are the only two I know… :/ Used to be Wedgieboard/Wedgiegirls, but it’s gone. Perhaps you could look at some wedgie-centric groups on DeviantArt?

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