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KJ has herself a Wedgie Slave... the beautiful Naomi, who is tied up on the couch just waiting to serve her master. She's wedgied, led around the floor like a good little sub, and then made to cook dinner for her demanding dominant. Wouldn't we all love a wedgie slave?

Have you noticed how there are so many cooking shows on television these days? Well, we've decided to join the fray, with the first episode of our very own, "Wedgie Revenge Kitchen"! What we lack in Michelin-starred chefs is made up for in spades with surprise wedgies, wooden spoon spanking and some good ol' fullback panties stretched to the max. Here, Naomi gets a taste of her own medicine as Kajira gets her back for the ripping wedgie she got last week. Enjoy!

You've seen her on video, now let us treat you with a steaming-hot photo set of our newest wedgie girl, Naomi! She teases us with her striped, rainbow fullback panties before being bent over on the bed and given a nice, deep wedgie by everybody's favorite, Kajira! Let us know in the comments if you'd like to see her back for more.

Kajira is walking to the kitchen for a glass of water, but Naomi has other plans. She's hiding on the other side of the door, ready to pounce on Kajira as soon as she enters. Naomi grabs on tight to Kajira's full-back panties and twists her around, bounces her by her tight ass and, finally, rips Kajira's panties straight through. An embarrassed Kajira is left to walk back to her room with her panties ripped to shreds, hanging out of her tight shorts.

Many of you have asked for ripping thong wedgies, and we're here to deliver for you! Naomi sneaks up on Kajira, who is in bed reading her magazine and minding her own business... until Naomi rips off her thong wedgies in one strong pull. Kajira is rightly pissed - underwear is expensive! - and she changes into a fresh pair. Well, wedgie fans, you know what happens next. Naomi gets Kajira a second time... but then gets bent over herself for a quick wedgie of her own. Let us know what you think of the chemistry between these two beautiful ladies!

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"i love how she's built, so thick and juicy. i was imagining watching her get spanked wedgied and fondled in some cotton bikini panties"
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"i love her hair, her face, her skin, but most of all i love her body and those wedgies she was giving herself."
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Loved the video! Super satisfied with my membership!
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