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Here at A Little Bit Cheeky, we value the freedom we're afforded as blue-blooded Americans. What a great country we live in that we can pursue our love for panties, wedgies and hot girls! Did you know Kim Jong Un has officially banned wedgie videos in North Korea? It's a shame!

To celebrate our nation's birthday, boy do we have a surprise for you. Roxy is back as the busty wedgie master we know and love from her last video, but now she's really in to get Corinne Victoria. There's something for everyone to love, here: white panties, polka dot panties, thongs and fullbacks. Ripping wedgies! And, of course, Corinne's perfect body. She gets topless for almost half the video here, so sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekend with Corinne and Roxy.

Kierra Wilde is killing some time on set, checking out her favorite wedgie website, when Mr. Cheeky storms in and demands to know what she's up to. You know what comes next! Kierra gets a deep frontal and rear wedgie in her fullback pink panties, and you get some great shots of her ass through the leg holes. Mr. Cheeky really knows how to torture Kierra with a modified jock lock; her arms get stuck and she squirms around. Kierra's tits look awesome in her cut-out white top and her glasses look so cute while she gets a hardcore atomic wedgie on the bed.

For those of you who may be on the fence about joining, today's shoot with Corinne and new wedgie girl Ashlee will tip the scales. These two are so hot together! We can't wait to share them with you. We're not kidding when we say their chemistry is amazing and Ashlee's body is to die for. She's built to get wedgies and she got them in abundance. In today's photo set, she strips by the window and her perfect boobs look amazing bathed in sunlight. You'll fall in love as she changes into some pink panties and thigh-highs and gets some nice, deep wedgies from Corinne. Let us know what you think of the newest addition to A Little Bit Cheeky!

Roxy caught Corinne sleeping earlier in the day, but now it's Roxy's turn to be abused after snoozing on set. Corinne has handcuffed Roxy to the futon, and very soon Roxy has her striped pink panties up over her head in a serious atomic wedgie. Then Corinne pulls Roxy's panties into a jock-lock and we get some great views of her ass. We also love Roxy's facial expressions in this video; you can tell Corinne is really torturing Roxy with these wedgies!

We all knew Roxy had a bullying and dominant streak, but she takes it to another level as she turns Corinne into her full-on wedgie slave. Roxy walks Corinne around the living room using her panties as a leash, and then subjects her to tight propellor wedgies with her hot white panties. You get a great view of Corinne's ass when Roxy bends Corinne over the sofa and gives her a bra-connection.

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View Kierra's Pink Panty Atomic Surprise
great video incredibly hot.
— Member opu1234321 on Kierra's Pink Panty Atomic Surprise
View Ashlee: Simply Perfect
im not usually a fan of the photo sets but this one blew me away, I cant wait to see Ashlee in a video great work as always.
— Member opu1234321 on Ashlee: Simply Perfect
View Roped In!
Best video ever!
— Member heyhe999 on Roped In!