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The dog days of summer just got hotter with the addition of our newest wedgie girl, Lizzy Lamb! She and Eliza Starr are hanging out on the couch, when Lizzy starts going on about some guy she's seeing... who cares about him, right? Eliza isn't having any of it and decides it would be more fun to pull on Lizzy's panties, front and back, until she screams for mercy! Sierra joins in on the fun, and there's some great shots of Lizzy's awesome, tight body as she writhes around in pain, or is it wedgie-induced pleasure? You decide.

Eliza comes home in a, well, kinda ugly pair of overalls, and Sierra Lovelea sees an opportunity. I mean, who wears overalls anymore? This deserves a good punishment. The look on Eliza's face while she's being drug around the floor by her panties is priceless.

Sierra and Eliza are laying in bed, bored as hell... until a pillow fight breaks out. Because that's what happens when you leave two girls alone in a bed, right?! Things quickly heat up and we're treated to some aggressive wedgies from both girls, until they collapse in exhaustion.

Ask and ye shall receive! You've been wanting to see our beautiful wedgie girls get down and dirty with some wrestling action, and here it is! Naomi and Kajira have been talking some serious shit between one another and it's time to settle the score. Watch these two wedgie queens battle it out. Oh, while topless. That too.

Eliza and Sierra went to the beach for a girlfriends date, but Eliza broke the cardinal girls rule and stole Sierra's beach boy! Time for some punishment, surprise wedgie style.

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