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Ashlee is on her way out the door for a date, but her roommate Corinne has some thoughts on her outfit. Corinne knows Ashlee's boyfriend is super into wedgies, but the thong Ashlee is wearing isn't up to Corinne's standards. So, she forces Ashlee to strip out of her underwear and into a pair that's much better for some deep wedgies. Finally, Ashlee is forced to leave for her date with her panties still messed up from Corinne's abuse.

Last month, we met Corinne the housewife, and here she is again, washing dishes in her cute sun-dress. Ashlee has a totally different idea for her, though, as she forces Corinne's dress up and gives her a nice wedgie with her pink fullback panties. Never satisfied, though, after Corinne fixes her first wedgie Ashlee strikes again with a frontal wedgie we know you'll love.

Corinne has taken to wedgies so much, she just can't help but stretch those beautiful blue panties up her ass all by herself in her bedroom. She forgot to close the door, though, and her roommate Ashlee just happens to walk by and get curious! You know what happens next - this is A Little Bit Cheeky, after all! Corinne is happy to let Ashlee in on the fun and she even pulls out the bondage rope for some rope-assisted wedgie action with Corinne on all fours. There's some great girl-on-girl wedgie action until Corinne is stuck fixing her messed-up panties. She gives herself one more good wedgie before she stretches those beautiful long legs out on the bed for a quick nap.

Here's the video you've all been waiting for! It's our hot new wedgie girl Ashlee, getting her very first wedgies on video from Corinne Victoria. Ashlee gets right into the spirit of things with some nice deep traditional and frontal wedgies, and there's a bra-connection and jock-lock in there, too!

We continue our all-American celebration of wedgies (and hot girls getting wedgies!) with a hot strip-tease from Corinne Victoria. She shows us her awesome perky breasts and changes into a hot red stockings-blue panties combination that has us at full patriotic salute! But she's not alone for long, as Ashlee spies her from the doorway and quickly ropes Corinne into some bondage wedgies. Corinne's ass looks so great as she's bent over on the bed, subject to Ashlee's control.

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